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When You Want To Move towards Wellness

Our professionals use the latest, least invasive, and highly effective techniques to help you rediscover better health and a new sense of wellness.

Dr. Thomas Crabbe has been in practice since 2004. He and the professionals at Crabbe Chiropractic employ their knowledge and experience to tailor patient specific chiropractic treatment and wellness programs. Since opening his practice, Doctor Crabbe has especially enjoyed focusing on, working with, educating and providing sports chiropractic to athletes from the youth to the professional levels.

Crabbe Chiropractic is your single, local resource when you need prevention assistance to maintain overall health and wellness, a quick response for an injury, new or chronic pain, and gentle guidance to rehabilitate and correct your nervous system for optimal health and wellness.

Crabbe Chiropractic is here to help you emphasize and improve your health habits for beneficial and overall health and wellness. Avoiding pain and injury in the first place is possible with a learned, different, and improved outlook on your health and wellbeing.

We assist children, seniors, physical laborers, professional athletes and everyone in between to achieve an optimal level of health and wellness. We emphasize the treatment of the cause of chronic conditions or discomfort and the improvement of your health habits which greatly contribute to avoiding injury and the resulting pain in the first place. When pain does occur, Crabbe Chiropractic focuses on treating the root cause with all natural solutions to avoid relying on medications.

Our Team of Super Heros

Dr. Tom Crabbe

Dr. Tom Crabbe



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