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Erica Morency

Health & Fitness Coach

Erica Morency is a Holistic Health Practitioner, or Naturopath, a Certified Fitness Trainer, and a Certified Nutritionist. She is Crabbe Chiropractic’s Professional Health and Fitness Coach.

Erica is an excellent addition to the practice. Once an overweight teen with some extremely unhealthy habits, she joined a gym, worked on developing better health habits, and began teaching classes.

Erica Morency became a competitive bodybuilder. She is now a Personal Trainer, Holistic Practitioner, a Certified Nutritionist, a Certified Fitness Trainer, and a wife and a mom of two children.

Pain. Performance. Recovery.

Crabbe Chiropractic & Wellness Center wants to be the healthcare resource in your community to assist you to avoid, reduce, and manage pain while optimizing your health and wellness.


Seeking a quick response and pain management for an injury, a new discomfort level, or chronic pain?


Need to restore your sense of balance and overall wellness and prevent further injury or complaints?


The latest, least invasive, and most highly effective techniques and therapies to rehabilitate and enhance recovery.


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